Read Acts 11:19-30 here

Today we find prophecy proved true. The Church is growing all over the displaced world. Famine is prophesied, famine comes. What intrigues me about this is that rather than revelling in the veracity of their truth claims, the disciples immediately seek to provide practical support to those who are in need.

We can spend a lot of time wanting to be right, and much time celebrating when it is proved that we are. It is easy to be seduced by the glittering image of perceived “success”, particularly in spiritual matters, and even more particularly when, in a difficult and hurting world, we are given something of a “leg-up”. This is human nature and something to be wary of, especially in the context of humbly lived out faith. While the glory and authority of God are important, they are His concerns, first and foremost. We are called to serve, to support, to meet needs and love and bless people. Let’s be people who live in a way which honours God, but never forgetting to serve practical needs.