Life Has Come – video for newest single

Premiering on the release date of the new single, you’ll find the video below on March 21st 2023. This was made by Harun Kotch

Here are a selection of music videos and live performances over the years. If I find any more I’ll put them here.

Lost My Heart (Original Version appears on Circles. This version is from Heartstrings)

Global Fire Productions 2010. Directed by Craig Johnson. Filmed by Global Fire Productions.
Makeup (!) by Elizabeth Halford

Heart Strings (track appears on HeartStrings)

Global Fire Productions, 2010. Directed by Ross Gill and Craig Johnson. Filmed by Ross Gill and Craig Johnson.
Ross Gill – Guitars
Josh Eaves – Drums
Haydon Spenceley – Keys and Vocals

Several other people played a part in this video. Thanks to all of you. I recognise most of you, but for fear of forgetting some, I won’t name you all!
(Warning, this video features kissing. It also features babies, but not babies kissing).

Gloria – Live acoustic from the Arches Sessions (the studio version of this track is the closing song on Mirrors)

Audio and Video recorded by Christian Steinmetz, who is a total dude and should be really famous.Kevin Bruchert is playing guitar, I am singing. So are the seagulls. People carried me up a lot of steps to film this. You should like it.