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And Now For the News…

I’m alive and well! It’s been a great few weeks. A few bits of news from me: I am ordained a Priest in the Church of England next Saturday. This is quite a big deal. I love the Church I’m privileged to be part of (find out more about us here). It’s been a tremendously […]

Nothing to Say

Recently I wrote this piece for Threads (Evangelical Alliance). If you’ve not had a chance tor read it yet, you can do here. Nothing to Say

New Threads Article

Today I’ve had a new article published on Threads (Evangelical Alliance). It is a piece detailing a few tentative thoughts of mine about how the language of “rights” does not go as far as the love and grace of God in offering us life and the best way to live it. You can read it […]

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Women Bishops: Better Together

I began to write this minutes after the vote in support of the ministry of women bishops was passed in York at the Church of England’s General Synod. Something very important had just taken place. The Church of England’s legislative body (quite rightly in my view) agreed by a huge majority to affirm the ministry […]

I Am Not….

Over the last couple of days, I’ve sat in Gosport and Southampton, listening via Skype while a dude named Eric, who I’ve never met, played in a studio in Rochester, New York, recording drums on a bunch of my songs. This strikes me as somewhat crazy. While I’d rather be in New York – who […]

We Don’t Know God

I want to let you in to a little secret. I understand God a lot less well than I used to. It might be something to do with having spent two years at theological college. It might be that my brain doesn’t work as well as it used to (this is quite likely). I could […]

“I Have Thought About Killing Myself Many Times”

Recently, on an evening off from recording my new album, a group of family and friends gathered in the living room of Ben, the bassist in my band, and his wife Sharon. We were talking about theology, as it happens, and debate was predictably passionate. At one point I committed the cardinal sin of telling […]

When Healing Doesn’t Come

All of us, I think, want to be healed of something. Whether it’s something outwardly obvious, like a condition or an illness, or something internal like depression, or even a character trait or flaw that we or others perceive, none of us, if we’re truly honest, would say there was nothing we would change about […]