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Another Catch Up Of Some More Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently

There’s just too much music in the world. I can’t listen to it all. Why should I bother? You might think be thinking such thoughts as the seemingly endless stream of fairly average music spews all over the internet. It’s a good job you’ve got me then, isn’t it. Loads of releases to get through […]

Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently: Rainer, The Weather Station, Anthony Strong

Rainer – Water Buy the album here Watch the video For Nocturn below This is the debut album from Rainer. That it sounds far too mature, assured and confident to be a debut album is perhaps no surprise. Both of the bands’ members have been around the block several times in acts which met with […]

Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently: Superheaven, Hop Along, Jupiter, Taffy

Superheaven – Ours is Chrome Watch the video to I’ve Been Bored below. Ours is Chrome is out now. Play the bands’ own version of Space Invaders at this link too. Go on, you know you want to, A couple of years ago (it might be longer, my memory isn’t what it used to be), […]