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February 11th 2016: Galatians 2:11-21

You can follow today’s reading by clicking on this sentence. If you’re a Christian, and you have been for any length of time, you’ll probably know this passage. It’s one of Paul’s most famous ‘explanations’ of the insufficiency of the Old Testament Law for salvation. I use inverted commas because his explanation is closely-argued and […]

September 18th 2014: Acts 12:1-17

Read Acts 12:1-17 here Just as King Herod turned against the followers of Christ, those who are frightened of the commitment, compassion and conviction of those who have felt called to follow Jesus have, throughout Christian history, attempted to silence, or even destroy them. The temptation for those of us who experience anything like this […]

September 16th 2014: Acts 11:1-18

Read Acts 11:1-18 here  Continuing the story of the coming of the Gospel to non-Jewish believers which we began yesterday, I am again struck by the short-sightedness of the disciples. According to the NIV, they praised God for His goodness only once their objections to the action He had decided to take had been exhausted. […]

September 6th 2014: Acts 8:4-25

Read Acts 8:4-25 here It’s easy for us to be seduced by the trappings of success, or to chase after it. This is what seems to happen to Simon the Sorcerer here. Having seen what has happened in Samaaria, believed and been baptised. He fundamentally misunderstands the gift of the Spirit, offering to pay to […]

August 26th 2014: Acts 4:1-12

Read Acts 4:1-12 here Perhaps unsurprisingly, healing and proclaiming so forthrightly in the name of Jesus lands Peter and John in trouble. Luke would have us believe it is because the Jewish rulers were deeply troubled. No wonder1 This was a time of huge upheaval and social unrest. Whether it be true or not, any […]

August 25th 2014: Acts 3:11-26

Read Acts 3:11-26 here As we’ve seen in the previous post, Peter and John have just undertaken a great healing work in the Colonnade, in the sight of many people. Now we see Peter’s opportunism at work, as he is able to give a powerful lecture in historical theology to explain the purpose and context […]

August 21st 2014: Acts 2:22-36

Read Acts 2:22-36 here Writing this in a fog of headache/tiredness/bug and all that goes with it (hence the delay). Sorry if it’s incoherent ———————- Peter’s impassioned preaching here is designed to show the Israelites amongst his audience that, whatever they think, however much control they think they have had over their lives, God has […]