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July 11th 2014: Luke 17:1-10

Read Luke 17:1-10 here Today’s reading is yet another stark message from Jesus. Woe to us if we cause another to stumble. We’re also called to rebuke those who sin against us, but to forgive if those who sin against us turn from what they have previously done which has caused us or the community […]

July 10th 2014: Luke 16:19-end

You can read Luke 16:19-end here After yesterday’s look at the Parable of the Shrewd Manager, today we find ourselves with the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man. I remember that one of the first sermons I ever preached was on this passage, regarding Heaven and Hell, and it was the first time I […]

First Review For Mirrors

The first review for Mirrors is in, thanks to my friends at Louder Than the Music for their kindness. Here’s the review: Haydon Spenceley has done it again. He has bounced back with another stunning, haunting, electro rock inspired magical piece of music in ‘Mirrors‘. Nobody creates music like Haydon, he really does have his own […]

The (Ontologically-changed) Contents of My Head (Part 2)

And so, here I am. On the other side. This morning I woke up and, oddly, felt quite ready to put on a green clergy shirt and dog collar. Fortunately I put on some other clothes too. The last few days have been incredible. As the response to my last blog has been so favourable […]

Enabling Church: First Reflections

This past Tuesday (June 3rd) I had the immense privilege of speaking at the Enabling Church Conference at The Bethel Centre, West Bromwich. Later, I will post the text of my talk from the conference, as well as audio links to the two deliveries of the talk from the day. I’ll also be blogging in […]

God Doesn’t Need PR (Ghostree Recording Blog 5)

In this next installment of our guest blog series from the band Ghost Tree, Haydon Spenceley updates us on the progress of their EP as attention turns away from the recording phase and onto promoting the record. Haydon addresses the idea that God doesn’t really need PR…Greetings! It’s a chilly Sunday morning here in Nottingham, […]

Ghostree Goes to Nashville 4 (Ghostree Recording Blog 4)

In the fourth part of our series of guest blogs from LTTM friend Haydon Spenceley about the recording of his new band Ghost Tree’s debut album, Haydon gives us an update on the album and explains the heart behind some of the songs.So I look out of my window as I begin to write this fourth blog […]

Ghostree Goes to Nashville 3 (Ghostree Recording Blog 3)

In the third part of our series of guest blogs from LTTM friend Haydon Spenceley, we get a progress update from Nashville on the recording process for Ghost Tree’s new album, and hear a warning on the toils of public bathrooms!So, it’s about 8.45pm here in sunny Nashville. Today we scratch-tracked the remaining three songs for […]

Ghostree Goes to Nashville 2 (Ghostree EP Recording Blog 2)

In the next part of our series of guest blogs from LTTM friend Haydon Spenceley, we find out about some of the songs newly formed band Ghost Tree are working on as they record their album in Nashville.Greetings friends, we’re coming to the end of another day in Nashville. In a shock move, it rained today. […]

Ghostree Goes to Nashville 1 (Ghostree EP Recording Blog 1)

In the first of a new series of guest blogs from LTTM friend Haydon Spenceley, we join his newly formed band Ghost Tree on their journey to record an album in Nashville. Consisting of members of former British band Freeslave, Ghost Tree will keep us in the loop as the album progresses. So, my name’s Haydon […]

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