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On Pain

I can’t concentrate. I’ve not been able to concentrate for a good few weeks now. Every time I move, as well as sometimes when I don’t, several parts of my body hurt at once. Even lying down results in yelps of discomfort. Not fun. A few months ago I pinned a joint in my shoulder […]

Hope (a New Year Meandering)

I’m not big on resolutions for the start of a new calendar year. Over the last couple, I’ve promised to write on the Church of England lectionary reading every day (lasted a few months) and write a new song every month (managed one for half the months of the year) so it turns out I’m […]

Things You Learn Lying On the Bathroom Floor

This blog is also forming the basis of a piece I’ve been asked to write for this weekend’s event at the Vatican, Living Fully 2016. This looks like being a fantastic event. I’m sad not to be attending, but very happy to be able to offer this contribution to the discussion and debate.  Things You […]

A Song A Month for Spring: See In the Dark

It’s been a couple of months in the writing (life happened) but, finally, here’s the next installment in my 2016 songwriting odyssey. ‘See in the Dark’ is another pretty serious song, this time about certainty, and the loss of it, and whether or not that’s ok. I wanted to write a song from the place […]

March 22nd 2016: Luke 22: 39-53

You can follow today’s reading by clicking on this sentence. Have you ever prayed so earnestly that it was as if you were sweating blood? In our comfortable Western context, prayer can easily lack intensity. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place where someone sweated like great drops of blood blood in anguished […]

March 21st 2016: Luke 22:1-23

You can follow today’s reading by clicking on this sentence. As we enter Holy Week once again, the challenge for the reader is not to understand and explain what and why things happened, but working out which elements of the story we should particularly focus on this particular year’s journey to the cross. The scale […]

February 12th 2016: Galatians 3:1-14

You can follow today’s reading by clicking on this sentence. Did you get it yesterday? One of Paul’s favourite writing traits is to repeat himself. If a point’s worth making, why not make it over, and over, and over, and over again? As one of the first great evangelistic Christian preachers, Paul wanted to leave […]

February 5th 2016: Matthew 28:1-15

You can follow today’s reading by clicking on this sentence. Imagine being a guard of the tomb of Jesus on the day of the resurrection. Imagine experiencing this entirely unforeseen event. You’re supposed to be in control. You are the sign and outworking of the total and utter authority of the occupying power. Your way […]

February 4th 2016: Matthew 27: 57-66

You can follow today’s reading by clicking on this sentence. The chief priests and the Pharisees were scared. My reading is they were scared in case the disciples played a trick, pulled a fast one, as it were, and made it seem like Jesus had risen. It is interesting that they clearly knew the stories […]

August 29th 2014: Acts 5:12-26

Read Acts 5:12-26 here “Then the high priest and all his associates, who were members of the party of the Sadducees, were filled with jealousy” In today’s reading we find one of the first examples of persecution of Christians. Why does it happen? Jealousy. Jealousy is at the root of most problems in human life. We find […]