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Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently: Andrew Wasylyk, Nova Heart, Ex Libras, Esther Joy Lane, USA Nails, Jono McCleery, Victories At Sea

Ex Libras – Woe EP Watch the lyric video for Woe below This is a special return from Ex Libras. Much fancied around the time of the release of their debut album Suite(s) and its follow up EP Cut(s), the band went off the radar for several years leading up to the release of this […]

A Slice of Irregular Folk

Yesterday, my wife and I had the tremendous joy and privilege of being part of what, having been there, I can only assume to be The Greatest Music Festival you’ve never been to. It’s called Irregular Folk. It’s in Oxford. It’s on today. You should stop reading this and go now. Come back to my […]