Tag: Betrayal

March 22nd 2016: Luke 22: 39-53

You can follow today’s reading by clicking on this sentence. Have you ever prayed so earnestly that it was as if you were sweating blood? In our comfortable Western context, prayer can easily lack intensity. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place where someone sweated like great drops of blood blood in anguished […]

January 29th 2016: Matthew 26:57-75

You can follow today’s reading by clicking on this sentence. Following from our previous discussion on Judas’s betrayal of Jesus, the end of today’s reading finds Peter weeping bitterly, as he becomes aware that he has done the one thing he promised Jesus he would never do, in exactly the way that Jesus foretold he […]

August 5th 2014: Luke 22:31-38

Read Luke 22:31-38 here This is a well known part of the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Just as Judas is betraying Him, Jesus is promised by Peter that he never will. Of course we know what happens. Jesus tells Peter that he will, in fact deny Him, three times. This scandalises Peter, and […]

August 2nd 2014: Luke 22:14-23

Read Luke 22:14-23 here As the story of Jesus’ betrayal and suffering draws on inexorably. we are faced with the odd scene of the Passover meal among friends, after which Jesus knows He will be handed over to His death, and the mysteriously, powerfully symbolic with hindsight utterances commanding the disciples, and us, to eat […]

August 1st 2014: Luke 22:1-13

Read Luke 22:1-13 here As Jesus’ story moves towards its conclusion and He and the disciples enter Jerusalem for the Passover, it might be easy to focus on the betrayal of Judas, and how this parallels our own betrayal of Jesus in our day to day lives. This, however, would be cheap, and would take […]