Hi, I’m on holiday this week (having a great time, thanks for asking) but was asked by Threads/Evangelical Alliance to write something in response to the suicide of Robin Williams, and other depression-related news recently. Having spent some time being told not to get type-cast in to writing about disability, I seem to be getting a lot of opportunities to write about its even less sexy cousin, but there we go!

I find the maudlin way we deal with mental health and suicide, egged on by a scandal/tragedy-hungry press to be particularly objectionable, so rather than writing about a particular case (about which I know virtually nothing apart from its sad outcome) I wanted to offer something more generalised and, tentatively, hopeful.

So, click below to read some of my current thoughts on depression and mental health, with particular thanks to Mr Mat Ray, who is a good friend, and a very clever man.

I’ll post the article on the site when I get home, but for now it’s back to my holiday. See you all soon.

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