Recently I’ve taken a step back from blogging and self-promotion (which I am too good at and have to be careful of, in my view) to focus on life and work and all the normal things. Whilst this is, I think, a healthy thing, it’s also meant that I haven’t kept up to date with where some of my published writing has appeared, so, in case you were wondering, you can now get to some recent album reviews I’ve been writing for the brilliant Drowned in Sound here. It’s funny how when I was predominantly focused on being in bands I would have given my right arm to appear on a site which has such a good reputation and gets so many hits (actually something ridiculous like 2.5m a month) but I’ll settle for appearing there as a very amateur music critic. It’s also a nice way to get to hear new albums before most other people do.

Also, you can find me in the current issue of Sorted Magazine, in which I write about the issues of disability and masculinity. My piece directly follows an interview with Brad Pitt, which is probably the only time I’ll be able to say that in my life. I also managed to get them to publish a picture from my wedding day, for which I may now have been forgiven by my wife. You can read the text of the article here. I would strongly ask and urge you to buy a copy of the magazine if you can though. It is available in 20 countries, or thereabouts, including in WHSmith. Helpfully, the one most local to me and my Church decided to miss out on the possibility of selling several copies by not stocking it, so i hope you fare better than I.

Musically speaking things are fairly quiet at the moment. Mirrors is out now, and I think at least 7 people have heard it. Some of them even liked it. I’m off to America on Monday to have a holiday and visit some of my favourite people, including Kevin Bruchert (producer) and his family.

Also, my good friend Harun Kotch has a new project which I would love you to view and support.

I think that’s everything for now.