For those interested, here are the credits for my brand new album, Mirrors. Listen to the album here:

My third solo album, this is a real labour of love. For a long time I wasn’t going to make another album, and then all these songs started pouring out. Then we convened a great bunch of people across the Atlantic Ocean over the best part of a year and made this, Mirrors, a collection of songs that says a lot about who and where I am as I enter a new season in life.


released 04 August 2014

Produced, Recorded and Engineered by Kevin Bruchert for Viking Productions
Additional Recording and Engineering by Harun Kotch
Drums Recorded by Brian Moore at Redbooth Recording, New York
Piano Recorded by Rob Quickenden at Ford Lane Studios, Arundel
Vocals and Bass Recorded at Knuci Studios, Southampton, UK
Guitars and Other Instruments Recorded in Various Houses in the UK and USA
Mixed by J.Hall
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Mastering

Haydon Spenceley: Lead Vocals, Piano and Keys
Kevin Bruchert: Guitars and Backing Vocals
Thom Daugherty: Guitars
Erick LeFevre: Drums
Ben Lewis: Bass
Anna-Lynne Williams: Guest Vocal on Beyond the End of the World
Angel Delgado: Cello on Interlude

Artwork and Photography by Christian Steinmetz

All Songs by Haydon Spenceley, Published and Copyright Amos3 Music 2014 except Interlude by Kevin Bruchert, Published and Copyright ASCAP 2014 and Come Undone and Beyond the End of the World, by Haydon Spenceley and Kevin Bruchert, Published and Copyright Amos3Music/ASCAP 2014

Thanks to so many people for their help in making this record. To our families, especially our wives, girlfriends, partners etc who have sacrificed a lot so that we can do this. Thanks to Kevin for being Kevin. Thanks Brian, Rob, J and Brad for invaluable help and wisdom at various stages with the audio side of things. Thanks to Jim and Nat Rogers and Sharon Lewis for putting up with us staying in your houses for weeks. To Jenny Kotch for letting us invade your house to record in and being such a generous host. To Erin and family for letting Kevin travel across the ocean. To Christian, thanks for holding Kevin’s hand across the ocean, designing a great cover and being great fun.
Thanks to the loads of people who keep encouraging me to write songs and record them. I hope you enjoy this.
Thanks to Jo, my amazing wife, for letting me make this record and believing in me so much
Thanks to God for knitting it all together and knowing and loving us better tha we ever could ourselves.