The first review for Mirrors is in, thanks to my friends at Louder Than the Music for their kindness. Here’s the review:

Haydon Spenceley has done it again. He has bounced back with another stunning, haunting, electro rock inspired magical piece of music in ‘Mirrors‘. Nobody creates music like Haydon, he really does have his own style and sound, and that is a very rare thing these days.

‘Come Undone’ is a mixture of electro bleeps mixed with a strong drum beat that is infused with the distinctive vocals of Haydon. A wonderful opening number. If you ever thought modern rock songs had to use big synths and dance loops then you might want to take a look at this track, this song strips rock music back to where it belongs.

As already said, Haydon has a very distinctive voice, and this comes over brilliantly in the song ‘Friends For Life‘. This foot tapping song is an instant hit with distorted guitars adding a great edgy sound to it.

Rise‘ takes the level of the album down to the ballad arena. This anthemic pop rock song has a great melody flowing through the chorus that is not just catchy but also powerful. ‘Beyond The End‘ has a brilliant guitar solo and epic drum beat in the middle, it could have easily have been on the Radiohead album ‘OK Computer‘, it has that same style and intensity.

Title track ‘Mirrors‘ is a little punk/rock, without being the mainstream punk/pop you sometime get in the charts. This in-your-face power track has some hard hitting lyrics that are well worth getting your teeth into.

Interlude‘ is what it says on the tin, but this isn’t a wasted instrumental track on the album, this is a wonderful piece of music, so beautiful to listen to as the sun is setting.

One of my favourite tracks has to be the eccentric ‘Gloria‘. There is something very Beatles, Muse, Radiohead, or Delirious about this song that really speaks to me. It may not come across as great for radio, but it’s a great track with some fantastic sounds.

LTTM have always been a fan of the work of Haydon, he seems to know how to put together a great song and then put it on a record with loads of other great songs. He is a creative songwriter who sticks to what he wants to do, and will not change his sound and the way he writes music for fast moving trends. 

My first thought about this collection was that it sounded like it didn’t fit what was out there at the moment, but isn’t that the whole point? This is pushing the boundaries. Haydon could have made these songs much more dance inspired rock, but what he has done here is taken the model of good rock music and added a modern Haydon twist to it. It takes guts to do something you really believe in, and Haydon must be applauded. The songs speak for themselves, the production is of top top quality, and there isn’t much I didn’t love about this record! I hope you feel the same too.

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
Beyond The End
Come Undone

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