I’m alive and well! It’s been a great few weeks. A few bits of news from me:

I am ordained a Priest in the Church of England next Saturday. This is quite a big deal. I love the Church I’m privileged to be part of (find out more about us here). It’s been a tremendously fun and educational first year. I’m excited to see what’s next. This is what a large portion of my life these days is about and I couldn’t be happier. If you want to come next week (why not?!) get in touch with me.

I reviewed the new albums from Everything Everything (here) and Gengahr (here) for Clash Magazine. Clash is one of my favourite print magazines. It always smells lovely (!). Right now they’re between print publishers, but I hope before long that it will return to the high street shelves. It’d be nice to get some more writing into physical print. This is an especially nice development as I was contacted out of the blue as a result of a review posted on here, so I should thank Maribou State and Ninja Tune too! I really enjoy writing about music. It’s relaxing and restful, as well as sometimes exciting and exhilarating on those days you hear something truly wonderful.

I also had a piece published as last Thursday’s ‘Thursday Threads’ (here).

You’d think I was beavering away at a keyboard all the time. Far from it. I sat down to write this morning and realised I hadn’t sat at my desk for a few days. Life is good. Life is (the great kind of) busy.

Hope all is well with whoever reads these posts!