I’m excited to share with you today a new project from me for 2016. It’s called A Song A Month and it involves me writing….a song a month…and video blogging a demo of the song and the process of writing it. For more, here’s our special correspondent (that would be me) tiredly explaining more about it.

So here’s the plan:

I’ll write a song a month. I’ll video blog a live demo of that song, along with chatting through some of the process of how I wrote the song, some of the meaning behind the lyrics, why I made some of the musical choices I did, and so on.

Why A Song A Month?

In the past, writing songs was such an important part of my life barely a day would go by without me working on something new. You’ll know, if you’ve spent any time looking around this site that I made lots of albums and EPs, have been in several bands and have travelled all over the world playing, all of which I’m very thankful for. Ultimately though, what I love to do is write songs. Songs about anything, about what’s going on in life, about God, about injustice, about disability. It could be anything, but time was that not much would happen to me without me writing a song about it. Over the last couple of years as my priorities have shifted I’ve necessarily had less time to write, and I miss it. So, call it a new year’s resolution if you want to, but my plan for 2016 is to re-engage with writing songs, and see what happens.

What’s The Outcome? 

There’ll be a video blog once a month with me Elton Johnning-it through a new song and prattling away about the songs in a vein which might not entirely escape pretension. There might be a new EP, a new album or some other form of release, if I ever get round to it, but we’ll see. There definitely won’t be a tour. I barely make it up the hill these days.

How Can You Keep Up With This?

Watch the videos every month. Download the chord charts that hopefully will join them, and any other associated materials I think are relevant. Listen to the songs and share them. Encourage me to keep going. Suggest subjects for me to write about. These ideas are more fun shared than they are completed alone. Get stuck in in whatever way you want to. This could be a lot of fun!