Mirrors Recording Blog –  The Final Countdown

Greetings everyone

It’s quite a while since I’ve written any kind of update for LTTM about my new record. Since I last checked in a lot has happened. Here’s a rundown of the highlights:

  1. The recording, mixing and mastering phases of the project are finished. This project has seen me be extremely fortunate to work with all kinds of people. I’ve written before about the bevvy of guest musicians and friends who have played a huge part in this record. When it was time to mix the album, a new friend, J.Hall, came on board and really produced the goods for me, with some brave and edgy mixes. I also made a new friend, and I’d urge you to check out the Enormodome, Of Archers, Everything in Slow Motion, Delta saints and House of Heroes records he’s worked on recently. As a result of his input, and the extraordinary mastering skills of Brad Blackwood, I’ve ended up with a seven track record which I think is by far the best and most exciting collection of songs I’ve ever put out. They all feel like my babies. I’m so happy and proud of them all, not least because I think we made a God-honouring record which is quite a long way away from being a “Christian” record. It’s aggressive, often unhappy, very very loud in places, has killer guitar solos (when did that last happen?) and is genuinely a little bit different. I think it might be the last record I ever do, although you can never say never, and if it is I will be more than happy to end on a record which so clearly articulates what I think God called me to be, do and say many years ago now. I hope you love it when you get to hear it.
  2. I got married, moved house, finished theological college, and am currently 9 days away from being ordained as a deacon in the Church of England (on June 29th). I’m about to start a job in a new Church, getting used to being married to the amazing Jo, generally loving living in one place and lots more besides. I remember writing about the Ghostree record a few years ago when I’d just moved to Nottingham to train to be a minister; well those three years have flown by and a whole lot has changed. It’s been a tough but brilliant few years, marked with a lot of joy, but a lot of struggle too. Where I once felt like success as a musician was the only way I would ever be considered, or be able to consider myself, worthwhile, the last few years have taught me that love, identity and purpose come from God alone. I confess that in the past, in my weakness, I have used music as something of a crutch, not facing up to the tough stuff, because I’d rather write tortured, artistic songs. This, and an ongoing battle with depression, are well-covered in the songs on Mirrors. The record is me closing a chapter of my life and setting my face towards whatever is to come next.

All that said, I’m really, really excited about this album. I think it says something. I think it is important, and I hope that you will love it. Soon there’ll be a release date, all the info that you need if you want to hear it (think Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters) and all the rest of the stuff that comes with putting a record out. In  the meantime, keep up with what I’m doing on www.haydonspenceley.com or follow me on Twitter @haydonspenceley

Thanks so much for your support and prayers for me while we’ve been making this album. I promise you it is absolutely the best that we could have possibly made. I can’t wait to share it with you all soon.



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