Read Acts 10:34-48 here

One of the greatest days in the history of the Christian faith is chronicled in today’s reading. Here we find that God, shwoing no partiality, makes it abundantly clear that there is no limit to the offer of His love. You don’t have to be born in to the right race, the right lineage, to have done the right “pure” things or to think only lofty thoughts. If anything, it is better if you’re not, and you haven’t. The gift of the good news of God is that God is good, and that we are made ever more good, through the grace of God, His decision to love and bless us, and that alone. Anything else puffs us up and makes us think that we have agency, control, authority and power. We don’t. We are blessedly impotent, apart from, and until, the Holy Spirit comes upon us, and then we receive power, and we are able to become witnesses to the goodness, grace, mercy and wonder of God, to the ends of the Earth. We don’t have power for the sake of power. We have power for the sake of God and His glory. Any time we use it for anything other than His glory, we dishonour Him.

Peter and the Jewish believers thought that they knew that the faith of Christ was limited to them, but following on from Peter’s vision in which God made it clear that no foods were unclean, today’s act of God blows the good news of the Kingdom wide open for all. Let’s not be people who limit or close the opening to freedom that God has made.