Read Acts 3:1-10 here

It is easy to see this story as a simple healing, or curing, miracle. Some of us might even view it as Peter grandly and generously offering the “lame beggar” exactly what he needed – to be able to walk – but I don’t think this is the main point of this story. Seeing cure as the goal of mission and ministry is to sell God short. It is profane. The healing or curing miracles of the New Testament, and in the life of the Church today, true curing miracles, or ones which lead a person in to a relationship with the living God. Jesus cured people to glorify God and lead people to Him. God offers healing to all of us, the healing of salvation. This is the healing we all need, whether we have a body or mind that works as we would wish or dream it to, or not. Leading people in to life-giving and life-transforming relationships with God is the work of the gospel, and I believe it is the work that Peter did on this occasion.

As I’ve said here before, don’t be tempted to limit God and what He wants to do in and through you in your life and ministry in His name.