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Another day, another dark and confrontational parable from Jesus. This time, it seems that the object of his ire is the servant who does not use the deposit he has been given as an investment, and instead lives in fear. How much of a challenge that is. Perhaps it’s because of where my brain finds itself at the start of this new year, but I keep coming back to the idea that neither God (the Master), nor his doctrine need protecting. Doctrine exists merely to give us some kind of lens through which to approach the divine. There’ll never be a lens with a wide enough angle, or a deep enough perspective for us to grasp the true depths of meaning and beauty in God. Rather than conserving with all our might procedures and processes which lead us to a mere fragment, let’s be brave, step out in faith and see what we can find.

Similarly as God will bring the good work he has begun in us to completion, let’s live with confident excitement and expectation that we are supposed to try and make the most of the faith that we have for the sake of growing the kingdom. It’s better to try than not to. Our worth and identity, security in God, do not change if we don’t succeed. Ultimately God will have his way in the end.