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‘Blessed is that slave whom his master will find at work when he arrives.’

We’ve spent the last couple of days thinking about watching and waiting, about making ready, about being prepared. Now today we are reminded and invited again to be about our Father’s business. Have you learnt something of what the Kingdom of God is about? Do you now have the opportunity to live following his way and pattern of doing things? Make the most of that opportunity. Embrace the joy and possibility of the invitation to follow the Master and be a participant in bringing it about. We are forgiven and freed for joyful obedience. This life we have is a gift. Let’s accept the gift, enjoy it the way it was hoped we would, and find as many ways as we can to share that gift with others around us. Let’s not be people who horde the gifts we are given for ourselves, or refuse to use them for fear of their loss or tarnishing. Where we are able to, our life of faith is to be an active response, a deliberate shining of the light that is within us in to the world and to those around us. What a sad waste it would be to have love and life left unshared that had been entrusted to us for that purpose.