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It doesn’t matter how many times we read the words in today’s reading, I pray they never become comfortable to us, or the kind of words that we read quickly, pass over and move on. These are words of such immense power, such grace, such a magnitude of force that we cannot afford to treat them with anything less than awe.

Because of who Jesus is, the life he lived, what he did on the Cross, that he was able to do because of how he lived, we can approach the ‘throne of grace’, we can approach God, with confidence. Confidence! If Jesus had been someone else, or lived a different kind of life, we would only be able to approach God with trepidation. But instead, we can go to God confidently.

Do you go to God confidently? I can’t say I do that often. I approach with timidity, fear often. I remember the things I’ve done which have fallen way short of God’s glory and way for my life. I panic when I enter into prayer. Thoughts rush by as I remember all the reasons I don’t deserve to be here, in this moment, doing this thing, conversing with God. But that’s the point. I am forgiven and free. Because of Jesus. So are you. That’s it. That’s everything. End of. We’ve been invited to approach God with confidence and then to go, to go with him wherever he may send us. So let’s approach, approach boldly.