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‘Because he himself was tested by what he suffered, he is able to help those who are being tested.’

This follows what we were talking about yesterday. One of the many glories of Jesus is that he experienced life as we do, as every other human has done. He suffered like we suffer. In the deepest possible sense, he empathises with us as we experience pain, fear, disappointment, anger, loss, grief. In one sense, it would be of very little use to us if, when approaching God in prayer about a particularly painful issue, we had no confidence that he had any idea what that was like. But that is not the case God suffered for us, he suffers with us. He knows what it feels like. He is with us through whatever life throws at us and helps us to persist, to persevere, that we might finally be able to reach the point where we are so content and confident in our lives of faith that the things that used to distract us from walking with Jesus lose their power. Jesus experienced the full weight of everything evil could throw at him. He could, at any point, have decided to step aside from the path that God was asking him to walk down and make life more comfortable or easier for himself, but he did not. He persevered, all the way to the cross and the first glorious Easter Day so that we could have lives of hope, joy and freedom with God. One day, the sufferings of this life will be over. They will. Until then we are not alone, let’s walk this road less travelled together.