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Jesus was crowned with glory because of the suffering of death. Suffering of death which he chose to undertake so that people would be pointed to God and that the world might be saved through him. It’s easy to sanitise Christianity, to make it about doing good works, being kind, generous, putting others before ourselves, but it is important to remember that the heart of the Christian faith is worshipping one who suffered death, defeated it, rose again and calls us daily to carry a figurative (in most cases) cross, just like he did. Suffering of one sort or another is part of all of our lives. It will be part of the experience of being a Christian. There’s no way of avoiding it. We’re not called to suffer unnecessarily, or to seek out harder ways of living and doing things for the sake of it. When we do suffer, we can do it in the knowledge that the God who is in us, the hope of glory, has walked the path of suffering before us.