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Army of Bones – Don’t Be Long (single, released tomorrow, Jan 6th)

I don’t work in PR (unless you think the Church is something of a PR agency) but I sometimes find myself in some funny situations, linked to my previous life as a songwriter and band guy. One such funny situation has led to me helping out Army of Bones, a great new band from Brighton, […]

My albums of the year for 2016

2016 was a great year for music. The world and his/her wife seems to be posting lists of favourite albums of the year, so I thought I’d dash out a list. I’m doing this quickly, in no particular order (apart from a couple which I’ll make very obvious). If you want to keep up with […]

Watch All Videos From A Song A Month Here

You can find all the videos from the A Song A Month Project in this playlist. It will be updated as each new video is uploaded. To skip to a particular month, click on the horizontal lines in the top left of the video player screen. Enjoy!

February 26th 2016: Hebrews 3:7-19

You can follow today’s reading by clicking on this sentence. ‘Today if you hear his voice, Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.’ I wonder, are you someone who hears God speak audibly to you? Some people say it happens to them all the time. To my knowledge, it’s happened to me only […]

Talk Text: Surrounded by God (Psalm 125, Mark 7:24-37)

I’ve realised recently that I’m a phases person. I have loads of ideas, get really passionate about them for a few months, but after a while they lose their attraction. Over the last year, I’ve written a daily blog on the Anglican lectionary (for a few months), I’ve reviewed music, for a few months, and […]

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Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently: Lone Wolf, Jaga Jazzist, Maribou State, O Face

Lone Wolf – Lodge Buy Lodge here If you fail to fall in love with this album, I’d have to question whether you love music. It is a simply beautiful collection of songs. Understated, largely centring on the piano and vocals of Paul Marshall, “Lodge” is the first album Marshall has created since his split […]

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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September 2nd 2014: Acts 7:1-16

Read Acts 7:1-16 here Stephen’s testimony of the truth of the Christian gospel is deeply inspiring. He was on the way to becoming the first Christian martyr. Here he also proves himself to be one of the finest expositors of the faith that there has ever been, able to show the truth of the message […]

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Ghostree Goes to Nashville 2 (Ghostree EP Recording Blog 2)

In the next part of our series of guest blogs from LTTM friend Haydon Spenceley, we find out about some of the songs newly formed band Ghost Tree are working on as they record their album in Nashville.Greetings friends, we’re coming to the end of another day in Nashville. In a shock move, it rained today. […]

Not Giving Up When Your Album Doesn’t Sell (Mirrors Blog 1)

Two years ago British singer/songwriter Haydon Spenceley wrote a series of guest blogs for LTTM about his band Ghostree going to Nashville to make an album. In this honest and revealing first blog of a new series, Haydon starts the process again with a fresh set of ideas.Around two years ago, I blogged a few times describing the experiences of recording […]

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