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An Update: Where Have I Been?

So, it’s been a while. Are we all well? I haven’t posted anything here for a period of time which begins to look somewhat negligent. What have I been up to? Here’s a short update: I appeared on Friday Night Theology at the end of September with a post about Football and Treasure. Read it […]

Where Have I Been?

As usual, there’s a lot going on in my world. I’ve not done so well recently at posting about it here. I’ve been popping up online here there and everywhere though. One place is on Threads (you can keep up with my occasional writing on that platform here), writing a snappily titled piece called ‘Why The […]

And Now For the News…

I’m alive and well! It’s been a great few weeks. A few bits of news from me: I am ordained a Priest in the Church of England next Saturday. This is quite a big deal. I love the Church I’m privileged to be part of (find out more about us here). It’s been a tremendously […]

Lots of new Drowned in Sound reviews + whatever else

Hello everyone I realise I’ve been negligent in my keeping in touch recently. To be honest I’ve been busy, enjoying life and mostly quite tired when not doing so. Apologies if you’ve been waiting on tenterhooks for me to pronounce on any particular topics. I figure there are enough opinions in the world without me […]

Mirrors released on Come and Live!

I am really excited today to be able to say that Mirrors is available from Come and Live! Come and Live! is run by Chad Johnson, who is an amazing guy and a great friend. Chad’s desire is to release Christian music that is high quality, has integrity, and which points people to Jesus, so […]

New Threads Article

Today I’ve had a new article published on Threads (Evangelical Alliance). It is a piece detailing a few tentative thoughts of mine about how the language of “rights” does not go as far as the love and grace of God in offering us life and the best way to live it. You can read it […]

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New Articles

Recently I’ve taken a step back from blogging and self-promotion (which I am too good at and have to be careful of, in my view) to focus on life and work and all the normal things. Whilst this is, I think, a healthy thing, it’s also meant that I haven’t kept up to date with […]

Greenbelt! Monday! 1PM! Living Room!

Like it says in the title up there, I will be speaking with Mr Mat Ray of Livability at Greenbelt on Monday 25th at 1pm in the Living Room venue. Our topic is: Disability: Are We Talking About it Enough? The answer isn’t yes, and it takes longer to say than no. I’ll be on […]

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New Threads Article

Hi, I’m on holiday this week (having a great time, thanks for asking) but was asked by Threads/Evangelical Alliance to write something in response to the suicide of Robin Williams, and other depression-related news recently. Having spent some time being told not to get type-cast in to writing about disability, I seem to be getting […]

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Mirrors out now

It’s a proud day for me. The Mirrors album that I’ve been working on with a huge group of friends and accomplices for over a year, is out now. Check it out below. You can listen and download it from my Bandcamp site now So many people have played a part in this album, either […]

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