Category: Mirrors Album Recording Blogs (2013/14)

Mirrors Album Credits

For those interested, here are the credits for my brand new album, Mirrors. Listen to the album here: Mirrors by Haydon Spenceley My third solo album, this is a real labour of love. For a long time I wasn’t going to make another album, and then all these songs started pouring out. Then we convened […]

First Review For Mirrors

The first review for Mirrors is in, thanks to my friends at Louder Than the Music for their kindness. Here’s the review: Haydon Spenceley has done it again. He has bounced back with another stunning, haunting, electro rock inspired magical piece of music in ‘Mirrors‘. Nobody creates music like Haydon, he really does have his own […]

The Final Countdown (Mirrors Blog 4)

Mirrors Recording Blog –  The Final Countdown Greetings everyone It’s quite a while since I’ve written any kind of update for LTTM about my new record. Since I last checked in a lot has happened. Here’s a rundown of the highlights: The recording, mixing and mastering phases of the project are finished. This project has […]

Mixing Almost Complete

Just a quick update to let you know that mixing for the new record, undertaken by the rather splendid J. Hall in Nashville, is almost complete. I’ll write more when I have more to say, except that the songs sound just like I hoped. Happy days!

Global Collaborative Recording Process (Mirrors Blog 3)

In the next part of our guest blog series from singer/songwriter Haydon Spenceley, we hear how his global collaborative recording process is progressing, and Haydon reflects on the collaboration between God and people.Greetings everyoneThanks for sticking with these blogs, even as they’re spread out by vast expanses of time. It gives you an insight in […]

Studio Skyping and Learning God IS Love (Mirrors Blog 2)

In the second part of the Haydon Spenceley guest blog series on the journey of recording his new album, he updates us on the recording process – and how the band are connected despite being on opposite sides of the world. Haydon also explains how he is learning from God the importance of loving yourself. Hope everyone […]

Not Giving Up When Your Album Doesn’t Sell (Mirrors Blog 1)

Two years ago British singer/songwriter Haydon Spenceley wrote a series of guest blogs for LTTM about his band Ghostree going to Nashville to make an album. In this honest and revealing first blog of a new series, Haydon starts the process again with a fresh set of ideas.Around two years ago, I blogged a few times describing the experiences of recording […]