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Army of Bones – Don’t Be Long (single, released tomorrow, Jan 6th)

I don’t work in PR (unless you think the Church is something of a PR agency) but I sometimes find myself in some funny situations, linked to my previous life as a songwriter and band guy. One such funny situation has led to me helping out Army of Bones, a great new band from Brighton, […]

An End-Of-Year A Song A Month Binge!

Posts in my A Song A Month Series have been thin on the ground in recent times. A combination of pressure of work/life and a consequent lack of time to allow any kind of inspiration to ferment resulted in a lack of songs. Sorry good people of the internet. But lo, what tidings I bring […]

December 31, 2016 A Song A Month

A Song A Month for Spring: See In the Dark

It’s been a couple of months in the writing (life happened) but, finally, here’s the next installment in my 2016 songwriting odyssey. ‘See in the Dark’ is another pretty serious song, this time about certainty, and the loss of it, and whether or not that’s ok. I wanted to write a song from the place […]

A Song A Month For February 2016: Light Has Come

I’m really pleased today to release the video blog for February’s A Song A Month, ‘Light Has Come’. Most of you reading this will know that I’m a disabled person. I try not to bang on about it all the time, but being disabled is part of me, it’s not something I can easily avoid, […]

Watch All Videos From A Song A Month Here

You can find all the videos from the A Song A Month Project in this playlist. It will be updated as each new video is uploaded. To skip to a particular month, click on the horizontal lines in the top left of the video player screen. Enjoy!

A Song A Month – January – Kingdom

The first song i my A Song A Month Project for 2016 is Kingdom. I wanted to start the year with an uptempo, joyful song. These don’t always come naturally to me! It’s about the Kingdom of God, based around a Taize chant, whose words are The kingdom of God is justice and peace And […]

A Song A Month – New Project For 2016

I’m excited to share with you today a new project from me for 2016. It’s called A Song A Month and it involves me writing….a song a month…and video blogging a demo of the song and the process of writing it. For more, here’s our special correspondent (that would be me) tiredly explaining more about […]

Never for Nothing: Mirrors Album Review

Many thanks to Geoff Howlett of Never for Nothing for this review of my new album, Mirrors. ————– HAYDON SPENCELEY : Mirrors.   ( Long time NFN contributor, Haydon Spenceley returns with his third solo album. He says; “For a long time I wasn’t going to make another album, and then all these songs started pouring […]

Mirrors Album Credits

For those interested, here are the credits for my brand new album, Mirrors. Listen to the album here: Mirrors by Haydon Spenceley My third solo album, this is a real labour of love. For a long time I wasn’t going to make another album, and then all these songs started pouring out. Then we convened […]

First Review For Mirrors

The first review for Mirrors is in, thanks to my friends at Louder Than the Music for their kindness. Here’s the review: Haydon Spenceley has done it again. He has bounced back with another stunning, haunting, electro rock inspired magical piece of music in ‘Mirrors‘. Nobody creates music like Haydon, he really does have his own […]

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