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Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently: An Introduction

I’ve been writing 1 review a week, or thereabouts, for Drowned in Sound for the last few months. Quite amusingly, it has resulted in a couple of things pretty instantly: 1. Lots of people read what I have to say. Which is nice. It is also different from virtually every other musical or written platform I’ve […]

My Albums of the Year

So, 2014 is drawing to a close. It’s been a year of a lot of change, a lot of new things have happened. I’ve learnt a lot, and realised along the way that I knew a lot less in the first place than I had previously thought. In the midst of all these changes, joys […]

Luke Sital-Singh “The Fire Inside”

In October of 2012, in a tiny independent record shop, a side event to The Gathering in Oxford, I had my first encounter with the transcendent wonder of Luke Sital-Singh. At the time I had just started dating my now wife, and she had excitedly told me I should hear him. I wasn’t confident, but […]

Her Name is Calla “Navigator” (2014)

I vividly remember playing a gig at The Social, on Pelham Street in Nottingham, in around 2005. The Social is a cool venue. A lot of bands and artists play it on the way up (and on the way back down again) on the indie rock touring treadmill. For me as a young songwriter it […]

Neil Cowley Trio – “Touch and Flee” (2014)

I make this the sixth album from Neil Cowley and the duo that make up his Trio, Rex Horan and Evan Jenkins (not counting EPs, iTunes live sessions and so on). The PR for the record trumpets Neil as “Adele’s Pianist”, which he is, among many other things. It’s him twinkling the ivories on the […]

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