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Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently: A Catch Up

So, I got busy. I got behind. At some point, the sheer volume of music people who’ve read things I’ve written or who I’ve been in touch with has become huge. What’s astounded me most of all is that the absolute vast majority of it is absolutely brilliant. However, the sad and honest fact is […]

Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently: Vant, Leprous, Bells Atlas, Built to Spill, Chuck Ragan & Rocky Votolato

Vant – Parasite/Do You Know Me? Double A Side Single Download the single from iTunes here Watch the video for Do You Know Me? below It’s interesting how wrong you can be about a band. I saw Vant in Northampton on their recent tour. They were very….competent. Having been supported by two local bands who […]

Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently: Lone Wolf, Jaga Jazzist, Maribou State, O Face

Lone Wolf – Lodge Buy Lodge here If you fail to fall in love with this album, I’d have to question whether you love music. It is a simply beautiful collection of songs. Understated, largely centring on the piano and vocals of Paul Marshall, “Lodge” is the first album Marshall has created since his split […]

Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently: Rainer, The Weather Station, Anthony Strong

Rainer – Water Buy the album here Watch the video For Nocturn below This is the debut album from Rainer. That it sounds far too mature, assured and confident to be a debut album is perhaps no surprise. Both of the bands’ members have been around the block several times in acts which met with […]

Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently: Eska, Crazy P, Charlie Barnes, Crocodiles, Pfarmers

I’m quite behind on these posts at the moment, so apologies to the PR people who are probably chomping at the bit to hear what I have to say about their releases. This is meant to be fun for me 🙂 There’s some really interesting and diverse stuff in this post, so without further ado […]

Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently: Superheaven, Hop Along, Jupiter, Taffy

Superheaven – Ours is Chrome Watch the video to I’ve Been Bored below. Ours is Chrome is out now. Play the bands’ own version of Space Invaders at this link too. Go on, you know you want to, A couple of years ago (it might be longer, my memory isn’t what it used to be), […]

Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently: False-Heads, Fever Dream, Timeshares, San Fermin

False-Heads “Wear and Tear EP” Buy the EP here False-Heads are a new band whose star is definitely in the ascendant. With a sound much in thrall to the grunge rock of the 90s (‘Twentysomething’ from this EP is the kind of song you wish had been on the post-reformation album from Pixies) but which […]

Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently: Cartesian Jetstream, Grasscut, Jackson Scott and Andreya Triana

Cartesian Jetstream – Ancestors Buy the album here Cartesian Jetstream are apparently the biggest psych band on the Isle of Man. Hard to argue with that kind of kudos. “Ancestor” is their second full length album. The bands’ stock in trade is shimmering, summery psychedelia, with elastic bass riffs, breezy guitars and a laconic vocal […]

Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently: Missio-Missio EP

Check out Missio here Before you read any of this post, watch the video above. It is absolutely stunning. As the spectral guitar line is joined by echoing synths, a beautiful vocal line floats above it all. A verse builds, culminating with “We make mistakes, we leave them by the door. I run to you. I […]

Some Great Stuff I’ve Heard Recently – Laila Biali and the Radiance Project “House of Many Rooms”

When this popped into my inbox, I didn’t really know what to make of it. An entirely new name to me, Laila Biali is a jazz singer of some repute as well as a collaborator with Sting and Paula Cole among others. So she’s pretty good, right? Right. “Shadowlands” kicked things off and immediately blew […]

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