Category: 2014 Lectionary Ramblings

September 16th 2014: Acts 11:1-18

Read Acts 11:1-18 here  Continuing the story of the coming of the Gospel to non-Jewish believers which we began yesterday, I am again struck by the short-sightedness of the disciples. According to the NIV, they praised God for His goodness only once their objections to the action He had decided to take had been exhausted. […]

September 15th 2014: Acts 10;34-48

Read Acts 10:34-48 here One of the greatest days in the history of the Christian faith is chronicled in today’s reading. Here we find that God, shwoing no partiality, makes it abundantly clear that there is no limit to the offer of His love. You don’t have to be born in to the right race, […]

September 12th 2014: Acts 10:1-16 and September 13th 2014: Acts 10:17-33

Read Acts 10:1-33 here The story of Peter and Cornelius is punctuated with “and the Spirit said” as God talks to both of them conversationally, and through angels. I wonder how the disciples responded when they heard such stories. Like us, were some of them excited and seeking such things for themselves while others were […]

September 11th 2014: Acts 9:32-43

Read Acts 9:32-43 here As the good news of Jesus Christ the miracle worker is spread far and wide, this passage today recounts several healings of Peter, the Rock on which Jesus said His Church would be built. The healing miracles show Peter in a good light as the one who follows Jesus’s lead as […]

September 10th 2014: Acts 9:19b-31

Read Acts 9:19b-31 here Quite often in my Christian experience, I’ve found that being cautious is the de facto position. We are cautious to believe people in the veracity of their conversion experience stories, particularly if they include things we consider to be miraculous. We are cautious to allow people into positions of leadership, authority […]

September 9th 2014: Acts 9:1-19a

Read Acts 9:1-19a here “why do you persecute me?” Jesus doesn’t ask Saul why he is systematically hunting down and killing his followers. He asks why Saul is persecuting him, personally. When we face trials and troubles for “the sake of the name” it is easy for us to take them personally, to ask God […]

September 8th 2014: Acts 8:26-40

Read Acts 8:26-40 here Theere are several elements of the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch that merit attention for me. One is the fact that the Eunuch was reading Isaiah at all. Why was he doing so? How did he come upon this prophet? How did Philip see what he was reading? Was […]

September 7th 2014: Romans 13:8-14 (Talk Text)

What does it mean to love one another? Here are a few ideas. See if you like any of them…   Being nice to people Being nice to people you don’t like Being generous, or sharing what you have so that others don’t go short/go hungry Treating everyone the same as you. Expecting everyone to […]

September 6th 2014: Acts 8:4-25

Read Acts 8:4-25 here It’s easy for us to be seduced by the trappings of success, or to chase after it. This is what seems to happen to Simon the Sorcerer here. Having seen what has happened in Samaaria, believed and been baptised. He fundamentally misunderstands the gift of the Spirit, offering to pay to […]

September 3rd 2014: Acts 7:17-43, September 4th 2014: Acts 7:44-53 and September 5th 2014: Acts 7:54-8:3

Read Acts 7:17-8:3 here Things move tremendously quickly in the story of the fledgling Church through the end of Acts 7 and the start of Chapter 8. Stephen’s compelling history of the people of God and the failings of the current Jewish leadership to acknowledge the Lordship of God in Christ lead to his own […]

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