Category: 2014 Lectionary Ramblings

September 27th 2014: Acts 15:36-16:5

Read Acts 15:36-16:5 here One of the things that many of us misunderstand at times about the issue of unity is that we equate unity with always agreeing with each other and reaching a consensus. Paul and Barnabas disagree here in a way which is so “sharp” that they (temporarily) sever ties with each other […]

September 26th 2014: Acts 15:22-35

Read Acts 15:22-35 here After the tumult for the disciples of coming to terms with the extension and inclusivity of their new faith and way of life, today’s reading shows the beauty of unity. Power and the disunity have been themes of readings in recent days,  but today, the strength and obedience of stepping towards […]

September 25th 2014: Acts 15:1-21

Read Acts 15:1-21 here Wasn’t Church great when it was an exclusive club of people just like us; people who had no problems, people who behaved themselves, people who didn’t disagree, who only ever did what we all agreed we saw the Father doing, who understood everything there was to understand about the faith, who […]

September 24th 2014: Acts 14:8-28

Read Acts 14:8-28 here We’re not Gods. If you spent any time with me it would be obvious that I’m not a God, but it’s easy for us to think that we are. We are given such power, such freedom, such authority by God that sometimes we feel we can do anything. Other times, we’re […]

September 23rd 2014: Acts 13:44-14:7

Read Acts 13:44-14:7 here “I have made you a light to the Gentiles” Where I studied theology, we were strongly discouraged from taking passages out of context, or appropriating individual verses for ourselves, or a set of circumstances we find ourselves in. Interestingly, here Paul and Barnabas seem to have no qualms about doing this. […]

September 22nd 2014: Acts 13:13-43

Read Acts 13:13-43 here Today, Paul and Barnabas find themselves in Pisidian Antioch (fantastic name for a place, that). An intriguing aspect of this morning’s reading is that they are very obviously well-known, and popular, being as they are recognised upon entering the synagogue on the Sabbath. What had the community leaders and rabbis heard […]

September 20th 2014: Acts 13:1-12

Read Acts 13:1-12 here “now, the hand of the Lord is against you” Issues of power and control have been continuous themes in our recent reflections. Once again these elements of the life of faith are to the fore today. Many of us are uncomfortable with judgement and the idea of God being against us. […]

September 19th 2014: Acts 12:18-25

Read Acts 12:18-25 here In today’s reading, the final throes of the life of Herod are told in rather gruesome and some would say gleeful detail. As an encouragement to the persecuted Church in the first centuries of Christianity, stories like this, clearly laying out the supremacy and victory of God, must have been a […]

September 18th 2014: Acts 12:1-17

Read Acts 12:1-17 here Just as King Herod turned against the followers of Christ, those who are frightened of the commitment, compassion and conviction of those who have felt called to follow Jesus have, throughout Christian history, attempted to silence, or even destroy them. The temptation for those of us who experience anything like this […]

September 17th 2014: Acts 11:19-30

Read Acts 11:19-30 here Today we find prophecy proved true. The Church is growing all over the displaced world. Famine is prophesied, famine comes. What intrigues me about this is that rather than revelling in the veracity of their truth claims, the disciples immediately seek to provide practical support to those who are in need. […]

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