About Me

I’ve done a lot in my life. So much that I’ve forgotten a lot of it and sometimes read old posts on this website that I myself wrote and think ‘oh yeah, I did that too.’ I suppose that’s what’s starts to happen when you get older?

I’m in my late 30s these days. I’ve been a musician on and off since I was in my late teens. I’ve toured and recorded all over the world. Played gigs to thousands (not too many of those, but I have) and gigs to 3 people (more of those) I’ve been on Radio 1, played live on French National Television, been in several national newspapers and magazines, been called ‘the future of British Christian music’ and ‘Christian music’s most depressed/depressing singer songwriter.’ I’ve played in bands which have had the loudest and most enthusiastically received sets at festivals by large and rapturous crowds and I’ve recorded music which most people have no idea exists. It’s been an interesting life. I’ve worked with lots of Grammy winning and nominated producers, mixers and mastering engineers. They and my talented friends have made my songs sound better than I ever thought they could sound.

I’ve got a new album, Ruthless Trust, out in May 2023. It’s great. I hope you’ll listen to it.

I’m an ordained minister in the Church of England and at the moment I am Diocesan Director of Ordinands/Director of Vocation & Formation for the Diocese of Peterborough. It’s as big a job as the mouthful of a title suggests it might be, but I am very fortunate to be doing it.

I have Cerebral Palsy and use a manual wheelchair to get around. You’ll find lots of writing on my website about faith and about disability. I’ve had bursts of productivity and creativity in that regard over the years and tried to collect it all here. I will publicly state here that however much I try and accentuate the positive, being disabled is no fun at all.

My new album is called Ruthless Trust because the last few years have made it clear to me that that is what is needed – the trust side, I’ll let you decide about the album when you hear it – for me that means trust in God and those around me that we will make it through together. For you it might mean something else, but I remain convinced that knowing who we trust and committing to doing that is central to life. If you’re interested in exploring trusting God, do write to me. I’ll do what I can to help.