I don’t really know where to start with a personal biography. It feels faintly preposterous that you would want to read one about me, but perhaps you do, so here goes….

I’m a guy from the UK. I just got married this past April (I’d heartily recommend it if you get the chance). Right now I’m finishing training as a Church of England ordinand, which means that in a few short weeks I’ll be paid, sorry stipended, to wear a dress to work.

In the last few years I’ve been in several bands, written songs and travelled all over the place. I love writing and recording music, it’s probably my favourite thing to do. Fortunately I’m pretty good at it too. I used to be in a band called Freeslave, which you’ve probably never heard of, but was pretty good. Then I was in a band called Ghostree, who you’ve also probably never heard of, but were also pretty good. Periodically I’ve recorded and released solo albums, which you can read about and hear elsewhere on this site. Music is a fantastic way of meeting people. I’ve met so many over the years, and I’m very fortunate to call a lot of incredibly talented people my friends. As time goes by I’ll probably be blogging about them here. I have a new mini-album, Mirrors, coming out in 2014. This is very exciting. It’s proper good.

I’m also a disabled person. I have Cerebral Palsy. This means that I use a wheelchair and has quite a large impact on my life. One of the best impacts is that I have done a fair bit of thinking about disability, God, Church, human identity and personhood and that kind of thing. Some of my thoughts are on this site. They’re always developing though, so keep checking back!

What else? Well, I’ve just been ordained Assistant Curate to the Emmanuel Group of Churches in Northampton. I’m also a Christian (would be a bit awkward otherwise). You can hold it against me if you like, but it might be more fun if you dialogue with me about it. I have a lot to learn. Talking’s one of the best ways I’ve found to learn…

If you want a quick rundown of some of my “achievements”, or if you just don’t like lots of text, here’s a few:

Released several albums and EPs, toured the UK, Ireland and Europe extensively (including Big Church Day Out 2013, 2 shows in Trafalger Square London) recorded with Grammy nominees, recorded in Nashville, USA. Learnt how to write songs. Still getting better. Still enjoying it.

Spoken nationally (Greenbelt, Enabling Church, various Churches and Christian events) and in the course of work in local Churches. Hopefully still getting better at that too. You tell me. If you’d like me to come and speak at an event for you about disability, God, Church and associated subjects, please get in touch.

Written for Evangelical Alliance, Livability, Church Times, The Guardian, The Mirror, Cross Rhythms, Louder Than the Music, The Phantom Tollbooth and various other written and online publications, about various things. I’m always up for writing blogs and articles, so if you’d like me to do something for you, drop me a line.

I’m hoping to write a book at some point soon too, although I have no idea when I’ll find the time. More news about that as and when it happens!

Can you tell I don’t like promoting myself? If you want to know more please do get in touch.